‘Birds’ ,is one of the popular brands and a leading web design company in Sri Lanka. It has now been established that creativity with fresh, innovative ideas has become an absolute must in today’s rapidly evolving business world. However, to innovate without losing the essence of professionalism, to create and unfold a brand-new design capturing and highlighting the strengths of your organization, now that takes some serious skill and experience. What makes Birds  web design so special is that, with our long experience as one of the premier web design companies in Sri Lanka taking pride in a highly professional team with a proven track record, we know precisely to offer you the kind of online presence you need to flourish your business. It’s all about creating a unique online identity for your business and we believe we have mastered the art enough to bring your company simply the best online advantage. Included in the long list of all the services we offer are website designing, redesigning, CMS (Content Management System), CSS web designing, OSE (Open Source Ecommerce) websites, custom template designing, open source shopping carts, blogs, website maintenance, web hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, logo design and much more. We promise you a highly affordable and high quality service and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.